There was a contest held a few months ago, with controversy, but finally, a winner was declared.

The winning flag now moves on to the Duluth City Council and then they will consider whether it becomes the official flag and flies over the city with the Minnesota flag and the United States flag.

The winner is Balne Tetreault. Blaine said it was a family design that everyone had a part in it, his wife, and his two daughters, but only one name could be on the design. They all felt it had to have a design for the city. The bottom dark blue area is obviously the Lake, the green ripple is the hillside and the north woods, and the larger light blue area is the sky. Officials said most of the designs had large areas of blue for the lake, the three waves are the three hills (Thompson, Enger, and Hawk's Ridge) and finally, the gold star is the North Star and also homage to the natives and voyageurs of the area.

The City Council Will vote soon.