Once again, we got a heck of a lot of rain over the weekend.  Compared to the last rain storm a week ago, this rain came fast and hard, bringing ping pong sized hail in some areas of West Duluth.  I know at our house we had pea sized hail, and lots of it.  How much rain did we get this weekend?  How are we compared to the average spring?  Find out after the jump.According to reports at the National Weather Service Duluth, this weekend we had an additional 1.88 inches of rain.  That brings the total for the Month of May so far to 6.60 inches of rain.

What about this spring in general?  Well, since March 1st we have received 11.92 inches of rain.  The normal average for our area is 6.82 inches.  That's up 5.10 inches!  We nearly doubled the amount of rain we normally get!

Because of this many places in our area is under a flood watch.  Don't drive across areas that are covered in water.  It doesn't take much to sweep your car away, and you never can be sure how deep it is.  Be extra cautious around streams, bridges, and bodies of water.

And if you don't have a sump pump, good luck!