Everywhere you look there are staffing shortages. It's affecting most industries and especially the service and hospitality industry. Despite hiring bonuses, increased wages, and other incentives, positions are still struggling to be filled.

A local restauranteur shared his frustrations on social media this week about how people aren't even showing up to their interviews. Jason Vincent, owner of multiple restaurants including the Boat Club Restaurant and Bar in Duluth knows that he's not the only business experiencing a lack of applicants. In his personal experience, he had five interviews scheduled for kitchen positions, and only one person showed up for their interview.

Many people are commenting that it's just people who apply for a job to make it look like they are seeking work, and then continue to receive their unemployment. Under Minnesota's unemployment eligibility guidelines, a person receiving unemployment benefits must be actively seeking employment each week.

According to section 4 of the requirements, you must "be able and willing to begin suitable work without delay when offered."

Many like Vincent, wonder when will this end. The pandemic forced a lot of people out of work, and many chose different career paths. Some small businesses have been forced to close because they can't find staff. Many others including franchise restaurants have had to close their lobbies, close certain days of the week, and sometimes only offer pick-up orders.

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Vincent, like many, is worried about the future of the local restaurant industry. He urges people to send hardworking friends and family to a local restaurant because odds are they need help.

Vincent also ends his message with a thank you to his kitchen staff that are working tirelessly while shorthanded.

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