Reading Corps and Math Corps are hoping to place 10 tutors into Duluth Schools. They have announced they are increasing their stipend to $15 an hr.

Even though the school year is underway, the MN Reading and Math Corps are still trying to fill some tutor spots that are open. In addition to the raised stipend, members will continue to get free individual health insurance and up to $6,300 for college or to pay off a student loan.

duluth This is not just a job in the area this is throughout Minnesota. It would be an ideal job for someone having a tough time finding a teaching job or wanting to relocate back to their hometown, or starting a new adventure in another part of the great state of Minnesota.

 If you are interested, you can apply online by going to: or People can apply up until October 6th. The increase in stipend is spread to all the employees in the organization and will start immediately for people applying to become tutors.

Scott Streble
Scott Streble
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A little bit about the organization, according to their press release. Just in the state of Minnesota, almost half the students struggle with reading or math and it's found to be higher in poorer schools.

Reading Corps and Math Corps are AmeriCorps programs that are trying to provide a solution and help kids to learn by providing the help they need. The Tutors are trained then they are placed in schools that need the help most. Independent evaluators confirm Reading Corps and Math Corps make a dramatic difference in Minnesota and other states that the Reading and Math Corps serve.

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