Our nerf options were pretty slim when I was a child, a round ball or a football.  That's it, no gun or nerf pellets.  These "toys" are causing quite a stir in the City of Duluth with something called "Nerf Wars" and local law enforcement is making some important suggestions that participants need to know before playing.

I realize that this is probably pretty innocent, but the DPD has some very valid points.  If you're an adult reading this blog and know of some kids that will be involved with "Nerf Wars", please share the following information.

So, what is Nerf Wars?   Just like paint ball, many consider “Nerf Wars” a competitive sport or activity.  The object of the game is to eliminate the other players or teams by eliminating them, this is done by “shooting” them with a Nerf dart.

The issue that arose this past weekend was distracted driving.  It was posted on the Nerf Wars twitter site that "there was already a crash and lots of controversy."  Obviously, when they're chasing one another distracted driving is a major factor in motor vehicle crashes. To ensure driving safety for the players and the other drivers on the road, don't play in a moving motor vehicle, whether you're the driver or a passenger.  Players caught violating traffic laws, including shooting or throwing objects from a motor vehicle, may be cited and/or arrested.

This type of game was popular in the City of Cloquet a few years back and the concern at that time was participants  entering other players houses unannounced with the intent to shoot the player while they were sleeping. This presents great risks as other family members may be unaware of such a game occurring, and many own [real] guns for protections from burglaries or other crimes.

All law enforcement urge participants to use common sense when participating in these types of games, keeping in mind that many citizens in the community are unaware of these events what they're doing.   Players who chase another player into businesses or other common places in the community while drawing, pointing and firing a dart from a toy gun at another player may cause alarm and result in unexpected reactions by others, including a call for police response.

According to WDIO.COM, Mark Foldesi runs the Nerf Wars twitter account and says they emphasize the importance of safety over winning.

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