Duluth Police Chief Mike Tusken posted a Facebook message late Sunday regarding a rumored threat of gun violence Monday at Duluth Denfeld High School.

The post, which was also shared on the Duluth Police Department Facebook page, reads:

Duluth police are aware of Snapchat posts about a rumor of a shooting tomorrow at Denfeld High School. We are working to determine the origin of the rumor and take any threat against the safety of our schools and students seriously.

No specific suspect or threat has been identified at this time but we are following up on leads. DPD will have an increased presence at Denfeld tomorrow to ensure student safety.

As we know more, we will update.

Obviously, this is a sad sign of the times.  At least the Duluth Police Department is taking this rumor seriously and are not only investigating, but being proactive with increased police presence both inside and outside of Duluth Denfeld High School.

Many parents and students had comments and asked questions regarding this post.  Some wondering if this might warrant increased police presence at all area schools until this rumored threat is fully investigated.

**UPDATE**  Earlier this morning, Chief Tusken posted an update on the investigation:

Update: Overnight, Duluth police and ISD709 administrators worked together to identify students with information.

Police interviewed students. One student reported overhearing the threat said by another student Friday at school. On Sunday, another student posted the threat to Snapchat and it was then police learned about the threat.

School administration reviewed videotape from Friday to help identify students who may have further information.

DPD plans to have an increased presence at Denfeld today to help provide students, staff and parents a heightened sense of safety.

Below is the original Facebook post, which you can click on for updates and to see all comments.

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