Don't be surprised if you see a sign tacked to the bus stop you frequent in the next few days.  As part of their Better DTA Movement, the Duluth Transit Authority is surveying routes and riders in order to make positive changes to their transportation system.

It's all part of their Bus Stop Balancing Initiative.  The Duluth Transit Authority is looking to reduce bus travel times and "meaningfully invest $2 million in bus stop improvements".  Part of the process could mean relocating some existing stops.

Ahead of any relocation, the Duluth Transit Authority is looking for public feedback.  While they welcome feedback from general ridership, they're specifically targeting users of the bus stops that would be directly impacted (by relocation) to make sure that they've provided an open forum for riders to make their voices (and their opinions) heard.

Duluth Transit Authority (DTA) bus in Duluth, MN
Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

If you encounter a sign at your bus stop, you're directed to "find your new stop location" by canning the QR code that's provided with the message.  You're also then able to leave commentary and feedback as part of the process.

Along with the relocation of some bus stops, the DTA is also introducing Go Lines to their service plan.  The Go Line routes will "provide service every 15 minutes or less, while local routes run less often and may come every 20-60 minutes".  Those Go Lines will ultimately be spaced farther apart than the local routes - "approximately every 2 to 6 blocks to ensure that service on those routes is fast and efficient".

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As for the eventual $2 million investment, the DTA provides the following details about what users can expect from the spending:

  • Accessibility:  Improvements to t he boarding and waiting area surfaces
  • Amenities:  Seating, new and replacement shelters, bike storage, real-time bus arrive information
  • Safety:  Solar lighting where there is limited lighting
  • Bus Stop Signage:  Better visibility of every sign and additional information
  • Park and Ride/transfer points:  Improved surfaces, lighting, and better waiting areas

Full details about the Better DTA plan is available on their website.

Duluth Transit Authority (DTA) bus in Superior, WI
Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

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