Well, of course this could totally depend on this guy's outfit, but researchers in Russia seem to think that beer hurts men's sex life.  The main reason is the hops used for beer have an effect on the body.  It pretty much equates to a beer belly equaling less sex drive.   The biological active ingredients in hops act similarly as women's hormones.  Read the full article about the science stuff at Pravda.  Otherwise, here's why I'll still drink beer.

First off, I'm not a huge beer drinker.  I usually drink the hard stuff, but I do drink beer.  Sometimes there is nothing better than a beer.  Especially on a hot summer day, or maybe a cool day, or maybe a down right freezing day.  I guess there's always a good time to drink beer.

Secondly when it comes to the sex life part of all of it, who the heck are these people?  I personally can name 7 of my friends that were born because of too much beer being drank.

How about the fact that you can always get beer when you want it?  Seriously.  You go to the freakin' store and buy a six pack.  Or you can spend money on dinner, flowers, and if you're married, kiss your wife's butt all day.  Sometimes I think a beer is just a little easier.

And another thing.  If beer is to blame for weight gain, then I guess cheeseburgers, super-sized menu's and high fructose corn syrup is harmful to your sex drive as well.  Also, if it decreases men's sex drive, maybe that's not such a bad thing?  Kinda help balance things out.  I'm not an expert, but I think it would be safe to say from pop culture that men are a little more eager than women naturally.  Maybe beer is the prescription to even the playing field.

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