The top headline everywhere is the Coronavirus. We hear about countries under lockdown, stores running out of toilet paper, and the mortality rates and fears that come with it. It's hard not to panic when you see people clearing out shelves at the store and preparing for a potential lock down or sickness. I ran across this video where Dr. Drew is asked about the Coronavirus, and he said something I think a lot of us are feeling. Calm down, and shame on the press for causing such a panic.

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Obviously the virus is a serious thing we should be aware of, and do our best practices about. But it's not the apocalypse as Dr. Drew Pinsky explains.


Here also is the interview he was talking about last month, where he first tried to calm people down.


As he explains we of course should be doing the good behaviors to stop a pandemic. We should be doing them everyday. Wash your hands. Don't share you germs. Stay home if you are sick. Educate yourself from the government on what to do.

Then I stumbled on this video from an actual coronavirus patient who explains his symptoms and urges everyone not to panic.





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