Since it was founded 9 years ago, DLH has become one of the most common local brands to see in the Northland as it not only lets Duluth residents represent their hometown in a cool way but the catchy designs are put on a cool variety of clothing and more.

I often wear my DLH hoodie and t-shirt and whenever I travel out of the area, especially out of the country, I make sure to have one of them handy to represent the Northland. I even once had a woman in an elevator offer to buy my DLH shirt right off my back! I considered it until I remembered I would then be shirtless the rest of the day which would really limit my lunch options.

While DLH remains a popular brand, they made a somewhat disappointing announcement to start the new year that will make their gear available in one less location.

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Owners Mike and Sarah announced recently on the DLH Clothing Facebook page that they would be closing their lone retail store located at 8 N 20th Ave W, in Duluth's Lincoln Park Craft District. The store had been open for over four years.

They stressed that while the announcement is bittersweet, it should not be taken as sad news. The couple says the decision was personally necessary so that they could move forward with their professional opportunities beyond DLH.

They also stressed that the DLH brand isn't going anywhere, they just won't have their own dedicated space anymore. According to a report from WDIO-TV, the products will still be available to purchase online through at the Trailfitters store, located inside Fitger's Brewery Complex.

The Lincoln Park store will be closing on Saturday, January 13 and another silver lining is that they are currently having a sale on all the merchandise in stock at the store and online.

Even display items are up for sale. The store will be open Wednesdays through Saturdays from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., until the closing date on January 13. Any holiday returns or exchanges must be completed by that date as well.

The Mike and Sarah also offered a final thank you to all:

Our little shop has brought us so much joy over the past 4.5 years (and also in the prior 2.5 years downtown). The conversations, the connections, and the amazing community both near and far that have supported us have been the best part about having a retail location. More to come in the following weeks/months, but for now we just want to say THANK YOU and we hope you'll join us in celebrating all that we've created together!

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