I was a bit shocked this morning when I found out this morning that Dick Enrico, former owner of 2nd Wind Exercise Equipment, grew up in Chisholm.  I talked to our co-worker Steve, who grew up in Chisholm and he had even more surprising information to share.

So first there is Dick Enrico, who is famous for his 2nd Wind Exercise franchise which he recently sold.  He grew up in the small town of Chisholm, Minnesota with his brother Roger Enrico.  It makes sense now that I know this, as you can definitely hear his Iron Range accent in this video:

Roger Enrico was the former CEO of PepsiCo.  He actually started the Cola Wars back in the 80's, and was the one responsible for signing Michael Jackson for the marketing deal.

And the richest person to come out of Chisholm is actually Philip Falcone, a billionaire wall street investor.  

Other notable people from Chisolm:

Congressman John Blatnik

Congressman Jim Oberstar

Dan Orlich, NFL Player

Olympic Curlers John Shuster, Jason Smith, Shawn Rojeski

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