The same weather system that has caused the Northland to drop into the deep-freeze the last week and a half has brought excessive amounts of snow to other parts of the country. It's that snow and inclement weather that has cause delays in shipments of the COVID-19 vaccine to all parts of the country. Included in the delays is the shipments of vaccine that were coming to St. Louis County for the vaccine clinics that were scheduled to happen on Wednesday and Thursday, February 17 and 18.

Due to the delays in receiving the vaccine, St. Louis County has had to cancel and reschedule the clinics planned for those two days.  According to details released by the county, this change of plans will affect several hundred people who were scheduled to get their first dose of the Moderna vaccine.  The county has already reached out via email to those people who were on the schedule to alert them that it has been cancelled; once supplies are received, the county will further communicate with those patients to let them know about the rescheduled dates.  Officials with the St. Louis County Public Health department anticipate a one to two day delay in shipment this week.

Those individuals who have vaccine appointments scheduled for later this week will more-than-likely be able to proceed with their plans as scheduled.  If you have not received an email, medical officials with St. Louis County are stating that you should assume your appointment has not been cancelled.  At this point, no other clinics have been affected by the delayed shipment - only the Wednesday and Thursday ones.

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County health officials are re-arranging staff to make sure that they can accommodate the addition of clinics as the week progresses - if needed.  The focus is still on those in the Priority 1A group.

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