Crayola Crayons were a staple at our house while my daughter was growing up.  She's 23 now and I still have several boxes in the craft room waiting for when there's little ones in the house again.  I guess I never really paid attention to what the color names were until they decided to retire one, Dandelion which was yellow with a bit darker hue.  Now they have a replacement that needs to be named and my first idea was already submitted!

The new color was discovered by accident by chemists of the Oregon State University who were hoping to find new materials for electronics.  They named it YInMn, which looks like it should be on the periodic table, because it should, there are four elements involved yttrium, indium, manganese and oxygen.  Crayola says that Americans consistently pick blue as their favorite color.  So, why not put a color out there that is sure to please, right?

However, the new color still needs to be named.  I thought I'd give it a shot so I went to the website and based on the color immediately came up with Facebook Blue, because it's that color blue.  Someone had already submitted that name.  So I toiled between Twitter Bird Blue and Lake Superior Azure.  You can submit your own ideas, one name a day, until June 2, so let'sl keep pondering.  They'll narrow it down to the top 5 they like and we'll be able to vote for our fave through August with the winner announced in September.  I think it would be cool to be picked and be part of Crayola Crayon's history of colors.

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