With "See You Try," Craig Campbell brings modern swagger to a traditional country sound. There's no doubt it's built to be his biggest hit yet.

An easily accessible play on words paired with a shuffling country rhythm provides a strong hook that Campbell doubles down on with a post-chorus. "See You Try" isn't a classic barroom pickup song — the singer is empowering the woman to make the first move. In fact, he's hoping she'll make all the moves.

Yet the "Keep Them Kisses Comin'" hitmaker retains some sense of control of the situation, aggressively signaling his approval of her every advance. The tone allows for endless interpretations, which invites a wider audience into the narrative. Songs that don't relate don't work on country radio, but this clever rambler never quits working for ways to connect.

Did You Know?Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard helped write "See You Try."

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Craig Campbell's "See You Try" Lyrics:

Girl, I ain't never had nobody talk me into leavin' / When I'm hangin' at my spot and all my boys are drinkin' / Shootin' some pool, shootin' some shots / Playin' it cool on that ol' jukebox / Ain't nobody ever gonna tame this wild side

I’d like to see you try, tonight / You're my kinda country fine and I just might change

my mind / The way you keep crossin' lines with all them moves / I'm seein' double thinkin' twice / And I'd like yo see you try.

Pullin' me out on the dance floor / Talkin' me into walkin' outta that backdoor / End of the song / Takin' you home / Gettin' it on.

I'd like to see you try and tell my buddies where we're goin' / Say we'll put it to the floor and drive it like we stole it / Steal a little kiss off of my lips / Naw, girl don't quit.

Hell, I've done made up my mind / But you ain't gotta stop tryin' / Who am I kiddin' / You know I'm goin' home with you baby.

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