It’s been a very wet Spring and that means it’s going to be a mosquito laden Summer. There’s many things you can do to deter the little vermin, bug spray and citronella candles, but there’s something you can make that is inexpensive and will last two weeks at a time.


What You Need:

1 two liter soda bottle
sharp knife
black paper or paint (optional)
electrical tape (works best)
1 C. brown sugar
1 C. hot water
2 C. cool water
1 t. dry yeast

Make It:

Take your empty soda bottle and cut it with the sharp knife or scissors in half. Take the top half of the soda bottle and place it inverted in the bottom (so the bottling opening is facing downward. Tape together to hold it in place. then spay paint or cover outer bottom of the bottle with black paint or paper (mosquitoes are drawn to the black color). Now you’re ready to make the liquid mixture for inside the bottle.

Boil 1 C. water and add brown sugar, stir until dissolved. Then, stir in the cool water and let cool before adding the yeast. Then pour mixture into the bottom of your mosquito catcher. Keep your mosquito catcher in a warm, humid place for best results. You will need to change the liquid mixture every two weeks to keep it’s potency.


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