We have another winning couple that is going to see Tim & Faith on their 'Soul 2 Soul' Tour!  Congratulations to Rachel & Ethan.  They were randomly picked from our online contest, and now we get to share their story!

Ethan and I met at UW-Superior two years ago in 2014. We were both freshmen he was staying in the dorms and going to Lake Superior College and I was going to UWS. The first time we met he was helping me and a mutual friend move into her dorm room and I thought he was cute but kind of annoying.This was September of that year. Well by the end of the school year the three of us went on a walk by Barkers Island to get out of the dorms and free our heads of finals. On this walk Destiny and I (the mutual friend) were taking random funny pictures of each other and I found out later every time she would take a picture of me Ethan would pretend to put an arm around me. So she said we should take a picture together. At that point, I thought she was crazy but I said whatever. Now fast forward to two years later, we are happy in love college couple that is living together and I couldn't ima gine not being with him. And if he's listening I Love You Ethan Vieth :)

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