We did it!  After weeks and weeks of voting and sharing, we have emerged #1 out of 64 towns vying for the honors.  We took on the beautiful town of Provo, UT and voting continued through Sunday.  With all said and done last night after the final votes were counted,  Duluth, MN won by a huge margin!

Let's recap, Duluth was up against Columbia, MO, in first round of the contest's Midwest part of the bracket and earned 15,512 votes to just 3,463.  In round two Duluth took on Athens, OH and won in a landslide of 23,541 to 6,330 vote.  The next town we took down was La Crosse, WI, with a 26,958 to 14,867 final tally.  Then we were matched against  Minneapolis, a town with a much bigger population, but apparently not enough love.  After beating Minneapolis we took on Ashville, NC and BAM!  We were in the final Round against Provo, UT, a beautiful and also deserving city.

We should be proud, Provo, UT has a larger population, but last night when I had checked our status, Duluth had been up by more than 10,000 votes.  I went to sleep confident we were going to win.

Honestly, Duluth is beautiful whether you're talking inland or lakeside.  Our surrounding communities compliment and enhance the Northland experience and the people that live here are second to none.  The pride shows and has been proven.

Thank you to Outside Magazine for their time and efforts in conducting the contest.