We drew another winning couple!  Congratulations to Jill & Cody!  They shared their story in our online contest, and now they get to go see Tim & Faith on their Soul2Soul tour!  Here's their story of how they fell in love!

It started the summer of 2007 one simple night in a small town (Kinney , MN) bar (Liquid Larry's). This attractive tall, dark, handsome man came walking in, still with his eye black on from softball.
I thought to myself I need to talk to this guy. So what better way than to walk right up to him, and challenge him to a beer drinking competition. What a surprise, he won... But I won in the long run!!!

That night I knew he was the Iove of my life, and that I had found my SOUL MATE!!! We have been married since August 2012 and have the most amazing son in the world. Our life together is everything I could ever dream about!!!


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