Calling all James Bond super fans - I may have just found the perfect job for you.

Online site Nerd Bear is looking for a huge fan of the franchise to watch James Bond films in exchange for one-thousand bucks. Don't think it's an easy fete though: there are over twenty films in the franchise!

According to the contest summary, there are exactly twenty-four different films in the franchise which adds up to over fifty hours of movie-watching! This is all in honor of the latest James Bond film, which drops later this year after being postponed several times due to the pandemic. The contest is meant to hold a super fan over until it finally drops.

Aside from watching the films, the person who is chosen for the contest will need to have a big passion for the franchise, as mentioned. They will also need to have good attention to detail, an active social media following and time. They must watch all of the movies within a thirty-day time period.

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You will need to fill out a simple worksheet while watching the films. The movies date back to 1962 and will end with the latest release coming later this year.

In exchange for watching them all, you will get the cash, a gift card to the movie theater and another gift card you will use to rent the films. You must apply by noon on April 16th. You can apply for the dream gig on the company's site.

If this doesn't work out though, don't worry. Why? Because these kinds of contests are all the rage lately!

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