This is pretty weird. I've googled it and I can't find anyone else mentioning that their Willie Nelson Chia Pet leaks water out of the eyes.

Why do I have a Willie Nelson Chia Pet anyway?

I'm obviously a big fan of Willie, and I have a picture of him in my office. He's actually coming to Duluth, Minnesota this May, too!

My friend got me the Chia Pet as a gag gift, but I've found myself taking extra care for it.

I never noticed it leaking until the day Toby Keith passed away.

Yesterday was a really sad day, and probably this is all just a weird coincidence, but I felt the need to share. People in the office have been coming in to look at the Chia Pet, which I will admit hasn't been off to the best start. The braids are coming in fine, but the top of Willie's head isn't sprouting. It's time to reseed I think.

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Anyway, I did my daily emptying of the drip tray for the Chia Pet and then filled it back up. For those who have never had a Chia Pet, you need to fill it up every day.

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Usually, the water sits in the Chia and slowly seeps out the bottom for the next 24 hours. I walked over to the Chia Pet and looked at it to see if any more sprouts were coming in and that's when I noticed water leaking out of Willie's eyes.

Ken Hayes
Ken Hayes

Strange right? I mentioned it to a couple of people and they were all pretty weirded out.

Maybe I just spilled when I filled him?

It's probably just a coincidence, right? So I grabbed a tissue dabbed the water off his face and went on with my day. Maybe I just spilled when I filled him up and that's why there was water there?

Ken Hayes
Ken Hayes

Nope, that wasn't it, he had water under his eyes just a few minutes later.

Ken Hayes
Ken Hayes

Willie Nelson + Toby Keith Had Memorable Collaborations

These two had a famous hit together, "Beer For My Horses." They also collaborated on a hilarious song "Weed with Willie," where Toby sings he'll never smoke weed with Willie again.

Either way, I'm sure the real Willie Nelson is sad to hear of his friends's passing. I haven't seen anything officially from Willie's camp yet about Toby Keith, but I'll keep checking.

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