As we get closer to summer, a lot of things like parties, reunions and other celebrations get planned. If you're looking for a venue, the City of Duluth Parks and Recreation Department may have just the location.

Duluth Parks and Recreation manages 5 buildings that are available to rent:

  1. Duluth Heights Community Center, 33 West Mulberry Street
  2. City Center West / Evergreen Center, 5830 Grand Avenue
  3. Morgan Park Community Recreation Center, 1242 88th Ave West
  4. Portman Community Recreation Center,  4601 McCulloch Street
  5. Washington Center, 310 N 1st Ave West

Follow the link below to check on the availability of these buildings.

Not only can you reserve these buildings online, but you can also reserve other City Of Duluth facilities including baseball and softball fields, bocce ball courts, pickleball courts, tennis courts and outdoor basketball courts.

It really does pay to plan ahead as just showing up hoping to have things like field access doesn't always work out and you end up having to waste time searching for somewhere else to go.


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