I am reminded of a Beatles line, I read the news today.....I could not believe my eyes. Now I know how my Aunt Lynn felt when she heard John Lennon died, Now I understand how my Aunt Pat felt when she heard Elvis passed. When certain artists die, you feel their death. Prince changed how I think about music and being a producer.

Prince passed away yesterday, and I had to sit down and shed a tear. I am a songwriter, producer, and player outside of the radio. Prince influenced my music, and my life. I first heard about Prince when I was in Junior High. Everyone told me what the lyrics really meant on Little Red Corvette. I didn't know at the time he was breaking down barriers for African Americans in music because I didn't know the history yet.  I also found out he was from Minnesota and still lived in Minnesota when it was cool to be in Los Angeles and New York. I heard Prince was about to do something big, so I went out to the record stores and bought all of his albums to learn what he was doing. I found out he played all of his own instruments and was inspired to try to do the same.

When Purple Rain came out, I think I might have seen it 180 times. I saw Sign O' The Times, Under the Cherry Moon, and even saw Grafitti Bridge. Plus, I bought Purple Rain when it came out for $59.99. I was in an air band and we performed "The Bird" and took second in the city air band, losing to a band that looked exactly like Prince and his band. He was the best performer, was a genius

I did learn to play all my own instruments when I moved to Nashville and tried to be in bands and write and then eventually learned how to produce artists. That's when I learned what a great musician and producer he really was and how hard it was to capture that sound and emotion. I watched every interview he did on youtube.com and kept following his music even when the "Black Album" came out and he put out some dogs for albums. I still heard the artist on the music and studied his production.He was the best performer, was a genius

He was the best performer, was unbelievable at music, is one of the most emotional guitar players I have ever seen or heard. His music moved me and let me escape. When I heard Prince died, a part of my youth died with him. He made it ok to be from Minnesota and want big dreams.He made it ok for someone to achieve something that no one thought you could do. He was the first one signed to a record lablel that was allowed to produce and play all of his own instruments.  He changed music for the better and there will never be anyone like him. I wasn't around for the Beatles but knew their impact. I was here for Prince, and I think he impacted many musicians now and will continue to do so.

He was also a good man. He did so much for so many and never took credit for any of it. I had an opportunity to see Prince when I was younger and didn't, and I regret it even more to this day. Thank You Laura Fahrner, for getting me a program when you went with your Mom.

He is and will continue to be one of the 4 musicians that inspire me and allow me to grow and write better music, and to listen and feel emotions. Thank You, Prince, for what you did for my life, for music and musicians, and what you did for the human race. May you rest in peace and see the fruits of your work.


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