Check your smoke detectors, replace your batteries, test them out, and let's try to be safe!  There has been a huge amount of house fires in the last few weeks.

There were 3 last week in Superior in a 24 hour period of time.  Last night another fire claimed a life in Lakeside in Duluth.  Let's do our best to keep our families safe.  Check those smoke detectors again.

I recently went through the house and tested every smoke detector and replaced the battery out of good faith.  You know what?  I found one that didn't work.  It never chirped that it was going bad, i just pressed the test button and it didn't work.

Also you never know when someone in the house may have stolen a battery from one, or forgotten to put it back in after cooking something set it off.

If you are a renter and can't afford your own smoke detector make sure you contact your landlord.  There is no excuse for not having a smoke detector on each floor.  Also it's now recommended that you have one in each room where someone sleeps, along with one on each floor.   A carbon monoxide detector is a must too!


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