I am SO addicted to Words with Friends!  How boring my life was....until a week ago.....when I was introduced to this app that allows me to play a similar game to Scrabble on my cellular phone.  Want to know what my other app addiction is?

Jewels!!  LOVE IT!!!  I thought maybe I was going a bit overboard with the time I spend playing.  Clean a little, play a little.  Cook dinner, but while the noodles are boiling, play a little.  Let the dog out, ooooh, time to play!

But, I feel better about myself, after talking to my co-host Ken Hayes.  He has 70 apps!  70!  Yes, again, I repeat 70!!!!!  So, to make Kenny feel better, I asked on the B105 Facebook/Fan page  if you have a cell phone addiction and if so, what are they.

The number one answer was Facebook, makes sense.  Lyssa was into Poker.  Angry Birds was a close second.  Some liked Urban Spoon, the app that helps you pick a restaurant.  My husband and I were thinking of developing an app that would allow you to text a medical question and get an answer immediately....wanted to call it TextMD....BUT, after some research....we found the app already existed.  What do you wish there was an app for?