Here's a look at some notable birthdays being celebrated today:

Age: 61
Occupation: Actress
Known For: Roles in 'Every Which Way But Loose,' 'Hair' and 'Coal Miner's Daughter,' and her scene-stealing work with Chevy Chase in the 'Vacation' franchise


Edward Asner
Age: 83
Occupation: Actor
Known For: His Emmy Award-winning role as Lou Grant on both 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show' and its spin-off series 'Lou Grant,' and voicing Carl Fredricksen in Pixar's award-winning animated film 'Up'

Petula Clark
Age: 80
Occupation: Singer
Known For: Her 1960s upbeat hits 'Downtown,' 'I Know a Place,' 'My Love' and 'Colour My World,' and selling more than 68 million records throughout her career

Sam Waterston
Age: 72
Occupation: Actor
Known For: His Academy Award-nominated portrayal of Sydney Schanberg in 1984's 'The Killing Fields,' and his Golden Globe- and Screen Actors Guild Award-winning portrayal of Jack McCoy on the NBC television series 'Law & Order'

Kevin Eubanks
Age: 55
Occupation: Musician, Composer and Bandleader
Known For: Leading the 'Tonight Show' band with host Jay Leno from 1995 to 2010, and leading the Primetime Band on the short-lived 'Jay Leno Show'