Good News and Bad News.  First, the good news. Adrian Peterson's back is feeling much, much better and he WILL be playing in Sunday's play-off game against the Seattle Seahawks.  The bad news, it will be downright frigid in the outdoor TCF Bank stadium.  I thought I'd share how I dressed for a local high school football game to give fans an idea of how to stay toasty.

The cold temps are the exact reason that the Minnesota Vikings tickets are dirt cheap.  Some of the lowest price tickets for the game are selling for $45.  In comparison to the other games such as, the Redskins/Packers in Washington for $147 or the Texans/Chiefs game in Houston for $144.

Weather forecasts are predicting single digit temps of 3 above with the "feels like" temp of -17 when you add the wind chill.  I feel bad for our Vikes, can you imagine getting tackled and hitting the frozen ground with players diving on top of you?  Or trying to catch a frozen football?  That's why Adrian Peterson is going to be even more valuable to the team, I bet there will be an abundance of running plays.

I don't really understand the suggestion of the Viking's franchise.  They are telling fans that attend the game to make use of Styrofoam, cardboard and old newspapers to stay warm.  What????  I guess I'd wear my snow pants and fill them up with Styrofoam packing peanuts, lol!  They encourage blankets and will be handing out free hand warmers and free coffee at the game, so that's nice of them.

The video below is what I wore to a Denfeld football game last year when I was the Cheer Coach.  It was no where near as cold as it will be on Sunday, but will give attendees an idea of how I layer to be out in mother nature's elements.

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