Mere weeks after she announced her divorce from fellow country artist Michael Ray, Carly Pearce shared an emotional Instagram post in which she renewed her desire to always find beauty within the imperfections, both personal and musical.

"This season of life has shown me that we will never be perfect,” the singer writes alongside a video of herself in the studio singing a yet-to-be-released song called “Show Me Around.” “We have to find beauty in the imperfections and in the things that life throws at us. I am owning my version of 'imperfection' & in return, feel like I’m learning to love myself and my story on such a deeper level.

"I was singing in the studio today & it occurred to me that I’ve never shown a real life 'in the moment' vocal take before,” adds Pearce, who recently snagged a No. 1 hit alongside Lee Brice on the song “I Hope You’re Happy Now.” “Probably because I was afraid that without all of the 'shiny help' the studio brings, that maybe it wouldn’t be 'perfect.’”

It was Busbee, who died of brain cancer in September, that coached Pearce in owning her imperfections. The two worked together on both of her albums, 2017's Every Little Thing and 2020's self-titled effort, and Pearce dedicates "Show Me Around" to him.

"He was always such a big believer in me being 'okay with not being perfect,'" Pearce says of her late producer. “I felt that message ringing so true in the studio & felt him there as I sang this vocal."

Pearce first debuted "Show Me Around" during a Grand Ole Opry performance in June. That night ended up being her last public appearance alongside Ray.

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