We were originally going to talk about a cat named Jasmine, but she was adopted last evening, YAY for Jasmine, a forever home!!!!  So, Butterball a domestic longhair cat rose his paw in the air to take her place in hopes he can find a forever home too. But, he would like to ask if you'd be willing to take him and his bestie Taz.  Butterball the cat, not the turkey and Taz are waiting for that special person (you) at Animal Allies. 

Every Wednesday at 8:10 Ken and I talk with Daryl Yankee about the Pet of the Week and this week it's a 4 year old orange and white cat and his BFF Taz.   Butterball is the less outgoing of the two. Taz is too busy playing with his string toys and currently sporting a unique haircut, but don't worry, he's hoping to grow it all back out. They are both considered adult cats, have will be neutered and microchipped by the time they are adopted.  They are also up to date on their shots. [more adoptable pets]

If you are interested in adoption of these two be sure to ask for the "Buddy Discount" when you visit Animal Allies at 4006 Airport Road or call Animal Allies at 218-722-5341 for more information!  If you were thinking one cat at a time, there are lots of other felines up for adoption.

The 11th Annual Continental Ski & Bike “Bike Swap” is this Saturday, April 22 and supports the Animal Allies Humane Society! [more]

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