Yep, it’s true that Brad Paisley has been taking some humorous shots at Paul McCartney‘s most recent album title. At the same time, it’s also true that Sir McCartney selected a moniker he most certainly assumed might take some flack from the music community. One can hardly land on a title like ‘Kisses on the Bottom’ without first thinking through the potential ramifications (and public commentaries).

Yesterday, Paisley took his thoughts about the new name to Twitter, saying, “It’s only February, but Sir Paul is an absolute lock for worst album title of the year. Actually, maybe all time.” He later continued with, “It’s like he’s kidding. He’s got to be kidding. Tell me he’s changing the title back to the real one, right? Oh then how we’ll laugh and laugh.”

When he couldn’t seem to come to any logical conclusion about the title, Paisley went on to muse about other potential names that could have included just enough double entendre to maintain the humor while adding in other possibilities for what was actually being kissed.

“If Paul’s album was called ‘Kisses On The Bum’ it could be about a hobo. But I can’t think of even 1 other thing Kisses On The Bottom could even mean,” he pointed out. After thinking it over a bit, the country singer tweeted another suggestion: “Even ‘Kisses on the Butt’ would be better, could mean cigarette. Or heck, ‘Kisses on the A—’, possibly a beloved pet donkey. But bottom? Nope.”

After having some fun trying to offer up alternate titles (‘Pecks on the Tushy,’ anyone?) Paisley decided to point his ridicule at someone other than the former Beatle himself. Perhaps, he seemed to conclude, in this case it was more of a problem with those who gave McCartney the OK to the name.

“Dear Team of ‘Yes Men’ surrounding Sir Paul,” Paisley concluded, “you really have taken it to a new level. No one said .. ‘uh, Sir, uh .. what about .. um .. hey maybe.’” Well no, actually, it seems they didn’t.


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