We told you back in February of 2019, about Bluefin Bay Resort in Tofte going up for sale. Well, almost a year and a half later the resort has sold to a new ownership duo.

According to BusinessNorth, the family of resorts have been sold to Silver Bay Native Joe Swanson and his business partner Pipasu Soni. They together are operating the business now under a management company known as BFB Management, LLC.

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The resort has a long history, going back to 1984 with continues operation. It has 235 bedrooms, 3 different lodging sites, 4 different restaurants or cafes, hot tubs, saunas, indoor and outdoor pools, bbq area, tennis courts, and outdoor activity areas. The property even has housing for up to 92 employees.

Dennis Rysdal was looking to retire and wanted to find a buyer that would carry on the legacy of his business. He co founded Bluefin Bay resorts back in 1984, and has been there ever since. Under the new management, he will stay on for a year or so and help with management until he retires. According to BussinessNorth, he was happy to see a local buyer who shares the core values, and commitments to the community. In fact, buyer Joe Swanson worked at the Bluefin Resort during college and high school. Swanson, who now works in the Twin Cities, says its a dream come true to own the resort he once worked at.

Bluefin resort is located in Tofte, MN on Highway 61 on the North Shore of Lake Superior.

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