You know you've made it when Blake Shelton tweets about you, right?

If this is true, then Voice contestant and Wisconsinite Chris Kroeze is officially a star! The country superstar took to Twitter to give the Barron native a special shout-out after his amazing performance during Monday night's Knockout Round.

If you didn't catch the episode, I will get you up to speed: Chris went up against another member of Team Blake for a final spot in the live Playoffs. Blake didn't know what to do because both performances were so spot-on so he decided to flip a coin. The competitor won a spot in the live shows but then in an amazing plot twist, Blake used his save to keep Chris around too, sending them both into the next round.

It turns out, Blake hasn't had any doubts about his decision, as he tweeted Monday night:

Kroeze returned the love fest shortly after, tweeting:

Blake doesn't tweet too often so our Midwestern rocker must be one of his favorites. That basically means we are one of his favorites too, right?

Watch his powerful performance of Cam's 'Burning House' below:

We will see you at the Playoffs, Chris!

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