A bat found in Douglas County, Wisconsin has tested positive for rabies.

According to a press release from The Douglas County Health Department, a bat tested positive for rabies on August 14th.

This is important to note because bats can infect humans and dogs without much notice, often flying under the radar until it is too late. Bats are also the most common carriers of rabies.

In light of the recent news, The Douglas County Health Department is offering up tips on how to avoid contracting rabies:

  • Have all bats tested for rabies if exposed to people or pets.
  • Prevent bats from entering spaces like your home, churches, schools and similar areas
  • Keep vaccinations current for all pets, including dogs, cats and ferrets
  • Teach kids to limit contact with unfamiliar animals

If you come into contact with a bat in the area, wash the area immediately with soap and water and seek medical attention immediately.

This is the first animal that has tested positive for rabies in the area since 2010 but several other bats have tested positive so far this year.

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