In the twin ports, it seems like summer has just arrived.  We went from 60 degree weather to finally getting into the 70's and 80's last week.  So excuse me if I'm a little ticked off that we are already seeing back to school shopping specials. Let the kids have their summer!  Can't we as adults just try to forget that our summers are so short?  We don't need you telling us fall is just two months away!

It seems like the sales are coming earlier each year, right?

Analysts say back-to-school sales are getting earlier every year. Retailers say the real driver is consumers who keep asking for the sales earlier. "A lot of folks just like to get their shopping done and out of the way," says Jason Shockley, an Office Depot spokesman.

Ok, so for those people who keep asking for sales earlier, knock it off!  You're not allowed to start shopping for back to school stuff until August 15th.  I think that's more than fair.

More of this story can be found in the USA Today online retail section.


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