Bulldogs have a reputation for stubbornness, and as one very young child just learned, that reputation is well earned.

The thick-hided, stout-nosed breed is also known for being a lazy person's dog, since they tend to disdain walks and fetch and most other typical pooch exercise activities. They'd rather just lay around and watch TV and eat chips all day, too.

Bernie the bulldog, we are proud to say, is a true bulldog. Despite this kid's earnest attempts to get Bernie to, well, move an inch, Bernie resists. No, perhaps "resists" is too active a description. Bernie simply ignores the kid. That's better. We don't want Bernie thinking we are making him into some kind of golden retriever or poodle or one of those other dogs who actually, like, do stuff like move.

Bernie's just bein' Bernie. Bernie the bullldog, standing strong. And still.

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