The big day is finally here! Old Dominion will be taking the stage at AMSOIL Arena Saturday (February 18th) and they have brought a bunch of promising new acts to open the show. One of those is Frank Ray.

The up-and-comer has a busy day before the show, meeting with first responders and local law enforcement early in the day. Later in the day, he took to the icy waters of Lake Superior for the annual Duluth Polar Plunge.

On a bit of a break from his busy day, he took a few minutes to chat with me about his big Duluth day! I asked him about his itinerary, his profession before he made it big and what it was like to get the call that he was opening for Old Dominion.

Not only that, but we also talked about what he thought of Duluth and he seemed to really like it, even saying it reminds him of a town you see in the movies! We talked about all of this and more just a few hours before he takes the stage.

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You can watch the interview below, which took place at the Public Safety Building in Duluth, where he was visiting with local first responders. I had a blast talking to him! I could tell he was passionate about the causes he was talking about and I can also tell he is going to put on one heck of a show.

Oh, I also asked him if he is ever going to come back to Duluth after being crazy enough to come here in the dead of winter. The answer might surprise you! I will see you all at the show.

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