We're putting a couple of your favorite things together - country music and cold hard cash! We'll be playing Big Money Montages on the air multiple times every weekday, and all you need to do is identify the songs in the montage in the order they appear in the montage to win some of our pile of cash!

To make things even easier, we're keeping track of correct guesses right here on this page, making it even easier for you to follow along and fill in the missing songs when you call in to win.

Just be sure you're listening in the 6am, 8am, 12pm, 3pm and 4pm hours each day to hear the montage and call in to take your shot at naming the songs and winning! See the full contest rules here.

Here are the correct guesses we have received so far for our latest montage. 

Money Montage CorrectGuessesBanner

Congratulations to Tom Nesgoda, winner of the $1,000 jackpot! The elusive song #6 was Old Dominion 'Make It Sweet'.

Thank you to everyone who called in. It was was fun to give away thousands of dollars to local B105 listeners!

Get ready for even more fun and big time winning very soon. Stay tuned!


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