Thanksgiving is a holiday full of traditions.  One such tradition for many, known as "Blackout Wednesday", involves going out the night before to drink and party with friends.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety warns everyone to avoid becoming a costly DWI statistic or causing harm to yourself and others by drinking and driving.  The amount of people who fail to be responsible, particularly around the holidays, is sobering:


On average, over 25,000 people are arrested for DWI in Minnesota every year. And over 13,000 of those DWI arrests happen between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. That means that about 52 percent of DWI arrests take place during about 11 percent of the year.

Also, over the last five years, during the period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, 28 people were killed and 141 were seriously injured in alcohol-related crashes in Minnesota.

If you want to tie one on over the holiday season, plan a sober ride home.  There's no shame in leaving your car overnight and safely picking it up the next day.  Law enforcement will be out looking to keep the roads safe, we should all do our part.

There are cabs you can call and having the Uber app ready to go is an easy way to secure a sober ride.  If you don't have Uber, you can follow the link below to download it and get your profile set.

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