The "Ask About Aspirin" initiative originated at Fairview Mesaba Clinics, Essentia Health and St. Luke’s clinics in Hibbing, Minnesota.  The overall goal is to reduce first heart attacks and strokes, which may be a bigger problem than you realize.

According to the Minnesota Department of Health, heart disease is the second leading cause of death in Minnesota. In fact, every year 16,000 Minnesotans suffer their first stroke or heart attack.

What makes the the “Ask About Aspirin” initiative so important is that it encourages men and women, specifically those ages 50-69, to ask their health care professional whether they should take daily low-dose aspirin to help prevent a first heart attack or stroke.

The program brings together health systems throughout Minnesota with the goal of preventing 10,000 heart attacks and strokes over five years.

A small dose of aspirin can go a long way in preventing a first heart attack or stroke, yet the majority of people who would benefit from it simply do not know to take it.

Make sure to ask you doctor if taking lose-dose aspirin would be a benefit to you.  You can also follow the link below to take a nine-question self assessment.

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