Yesterday we had an opportunity to attend a press conference and tasting event for the newest menu items that will be offered this year at AMSOIL Arena. They all debut with the Bulldog's Men Hockey Home Opener on Oct 5th vs The Gophers.

They also are going to be offering beer & wine in the concourse of the arena for Men's Games this year, and the Champions Lounge will be open to everyone during women's games.

Here's the new items:


  • Poutine


    Salt and pepper fries and cheese curds topped with brown gravy.

    Mary Sullivan

  • Half-Pound Cheddar Polarena


    An ode to the original DECC Arena concessions menu, the new Polarena is a half-pound smoked cheddar polish sausage on a fresh bun from Johnson’s Bakery.

    Mary Sullivan

  • Champ’s Meatball


    A 6oz meatball smothered with marinara sauce and parmesan cheese, served with a cheese-filled Bosco breadstick.

    Mary Sullivan

  • Local All-Beef Dog


    This is an upgrade to the previously-available hotdogs. A local, all-beef hotdog on a Johnson’s Bakery bun.

  • Local, Fresh Hamburger Patty


    A classic burger but now with a better, fresh, and locally-produced beef patty served on a brioche bun.

  • 3 Soup Choices With Bread


    Choice of Tomato Basil, Creamy Chicken Wild Rice, or a house-made Chili accompanied by Johnson’s Bakery bread. Both of the soups are locally made, and the chili is made at the DECC. 

    TSM Duluth

  • 4-Meat Pizza


    This pizza features sausage, pepperoni, Canadian bacon, and bacon bits.

    Mary Sullivan

  • Veggie Pizza


    This pizza features green peppers, olives, onions, mushrooms, and sun-dried tomatoes.

    TSM Duluth

  • Cedar Crest Ice Cream


    Wisconsin-made ice cream with all new flavors including four gluten-free options and two rotating specialty flavors.


Check out the video while we try out the newest food items and our thoughts on them!

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