It's finally happening! It seems like Mt. Olympus Resorts & Parks has been teasing this new addition for a long time. Now, this project is about to become a reality.

It was announced last August that a new slide would be opening in Wisconsin. That wasn't what caught the attention of everyone, though. It would also become the tallest waterslide in America.

The Rise of Icarus

The Fall is part of The Rise Of Icarus waterslide and will stand about 145 feet tall in Wisconsin Dells. That is a pretty popular travel destination for our area and this will only help with that.

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Now, it is officially opening this weekend, making it the perfect Memorial Day travel destination! You can ride the tallest waterslide in America before everyone else catches on.

The Fall portion of this extravagant new waterslide is one of five new slides that will be part of this attraction. The Rise Of Icarus has five body slides, with the four others taking off from a 60-foot-tall platform.

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Of course, The Fall stands 145 feet above ground, double the height of all the others - if you're brave enough. I don't know if I am. Ha!

That is a pretty iconic setup there. If I am ever in the Wisconsin Dells area again, I might have to find the guts to go on this thing.

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By the way, the new addition got its name from Greek mythology. Icarus soared too close to the sun and his wings, made of wax, melted. This caused him to fall to the sea. Thankfully, this won't be the case for you!

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