I went shopping at ALDI grocery store in Superior Wisconsin for the first time.  It's been open for just a few days.  I'll have more on the overall experience tomorrow.  If you are unfamiliar with ALDI, it's a discount grocery store offering generic brand products that they guarantee are just as good as name brand.   When it comes to these Savoritz, I'd actually have to agree!

First off, a box of these was $1.79.  That's a pretty good deal.  At Walmart, when I checked, you could get a box of Cheez-its for $2.88.  So you're saving a buck.  But would they taste just as good?

To quote my 8 year old growing boy, he said, "They are actually a bit cheesier."  And at this point in his life, that is definitely and important part.  This discovery is a big deal for him.  Also it's a big deal for me, because I know he'll actually eat generic brand food.

Also, he tried the knock off brand lucky charms, and he was definitely happy with those.  He even went as far to say that he prefers the 'Marshmallow & Stars' Brand better.  I think he just knows he can eat more if I'm spending less.


So for knock off brands, we're going two for two, and saving about two bucks too!  (That's a lot of two's.)