Last Sunday, the story broke that Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson missed the team bus to Soldier Field as the team prepared to play the Chicago Bears.  He ultimately had to take a cab to the game and while he arrived in plenty of time for the kickoff, he was late to join his team and this did not please head coach Leslie Frazier at all.  Four days after this all happened, Peterson provided his reason for being late. is reporting that Adrian Peterson offered up this explanation: “I overslept,” Peterson said Thursday morning. “I slept through the alarm, through the calls. I overslept. I had the wake-up call set up. I slept through it. That’s it. It’s unfortunate. But you know, it happened.”

It happens to everyone, you just don't see it too often with athletes heading to the stadium.  What I find funny is that he had to call a cab!  The hotel couldn't provide car service for Adrian?

Hopefully he'll buy another alarm clock and be at Lambeau Field on time Sunday for the tough high noon game against the Packers.

You're invited to join us Sunday at Players Sports Bar on Grand Avenue in Duluth for the official Vikings Tailgate Party.  Chris Allen will be there with prizes and they'll have free drinks whenever the Vikings score a touchdown and free food at half time.  Get there early to guarantee a seat!

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