The Adrian Peterson saga takes so many turns that nothing surprises me anymore.  I did like when Vikings coach Mike Zimmer publicly stated that either Peterson plays for the Vikings or he doesn't play.  No more games, no more bully tactics by an agent, just honor the contract you signed.

This week, Peterson used Twitter to vent his frustration on how NFL contracts, including his, are structured with little to no guaranteed money for the athletes.

To be honest, I get his frustration as NFL players do have the best chance of having careering ending injuries and they can be cut at anytime and left high and dry.  On the flip side, however, is that the years they do play they are compensated very well to say the least.

Further complicating this for Adrian is the well publicized trouble which led to his suspension.  Now may not be the best time to grand stand about how much guaranteed money he can make.

He did state later that it was nothing against the Vikings, but he's disappointed that the players union didn't do a better job protecting players with their last agreement.

It doesn't look like it will simmer down anytime soon, but I bet the $13 million Adrian is guaranteed this year would be hard to walk away from and he'll show up eventually.

Here is ESPN's take on this recent development.



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