Aaron Watson's wife, Kimberly, makes her music video debut in the three-minute clip for his romantic new single, "Run Wild Horses." Filmed at one of the couple's favorite spots in Watson's hometown of Buffalo Gap, Texas, the singer surprises his wife with a candlelit dinner outside.

Directed by Benjamin Ranzinger, Watson is first spotted covering his wife's eyes as he walks her to the Perini Ranch. The outdoor location is surrounded in candles when the music starts—and a big grin spreads across her face when she realizes where they are. Watson then places his bride of 15 years in a chair and begins to serenade her with his acoustic guitar.

“Run free as the wind my passion on your skin / Your lips on mine run wild horses / Run out of control deep down in your soul / We become one, run wild horses run,” he sings on the song's sultry chorus.

After a memorable serenade, Watson grabs his wife's hand for a romantic slow dance under the stars that ends with a sweet kiss.

It's a perfect video that showcases their love—Watson wrote the song for his wife, who proves to be at ease in front of the cameras. Her debut role as his on-screen leading lady just might lead to some future screen time for Kimberly!

"Twas actually so fun helping @aaron_watson make this! When can I be in another video, babe!?" she asks her husband on Twitter.

Let's see if he says yes in the future!

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