A Thousand Horses are set to release their sophomore album, Bridges, on June 2, through Big Machine Label Group. The 13-track project includes the band's current single, "Preachin' to the Choir," as well as an acoustic version of the chart-climbing song.

Following the warm reception of their first album, Southernality, A Thousand Horses say they have evolved as artists. All four band members -- Michael Hobby, Zach Brown, Graham DeLoach and Bill Satcher -- contributed as songwriters on Bridges.

"We’ve grown as writers and as singers,” Hobby tells The Boot. “I think that really applies to this new record: We brought the game up, a lot ... It’s going to sound like A Thousand Horses, just sonically bigger and, I guess mature would be the word.”

A Thousand Horses' sound is Southern-rock infused country, and while it'll be updated, it won't be changing as the ACM Awards-nominated group looks ahead.

“That’s who we are,” Hobby says. “Maybe it’s a little bigger, a little more aggressive [this time around].”

Bridges features seven acoustic songs: Six of them were recorded at the UK's famous Metropolis Studios, and the seventh is a live version of A Thousand Horses' No. 1 hit "Smoke," from the band's first album. Dann Huff, Corey Crowder and ATH produced Bridges.

A Thousand Horses are currently on tour; a list of their upcoming shows can be found on the band's website.

A Thousand Horses, Bridges Track Listing:

1. “Blaze of Somethin’”
2. “Burn Like Willie”
3. “Preachin’ to the Choir”
4. “One Man Army”
5. “Bridges”
6. “Weekends in a Small Town”
7. “Travelin’ Man” (live from Metropolis Studios, London, England)
8. “Preachin’ to the Choir” (live from Metropolis Studios, London, England)
9. “Sunday Morning” (live from Metropolis Studios, London, England)
10. “One Man Army” (live from Metropolis Studios, London, England)
11. “Bridges” (live from Metropolis Studios, London, England)
12. “First Time” (live from Metropolis Studios, London, England)
13. “Smoke” (live from Printer's Alley, Nashville, Tenn.)

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