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Since a pretty young age I decided that Thanksgiving was my favorite holiday. Yes, even as a kid I embraced the Thanksgiving holiday more than Christmas, Easter, Halloween, 4th of July, or any of the others. Here's the reasons I've grown to love Thanksgiving.

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  • 1

    No Gifts = Less Stress

    You never have to worry about if  you are supposed to buy a gift. You don't have to worry about spending the money. It's all about spending time and being thankful for what you already have. Isn't there a lesson in that?

  • 2

    Food You Can Count On

    The menu really doesn't change. You know what you're going to get, or at least Turkey and lots of carbs. I think we can all get behind that.

  • 3

    Less Obligations For Attendance

    Let's face it. If you can't make Thanksgiving dinner, you're not usually going to get a guilt trip from a family member. The holiday isn't as important in many people's eyes as Christmas, so that means less obligations. Less stress again!

  • 4

    It's Always a Thursday

    This may not seem like a big deal, but it is to me. Luckily at my current job, that means we take Friday as a holiday too. So that's pretty neat. And if you don't get Friday off, at least you don't have to guess which day it is during the week. It's not like a Christmas on a Wednesday, which I think we can all agree kinda stinks this year.

  • 5


    Football during the afternoon on a weekday? What a great holiday!

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