My daughter has had two colds in the last month and I have managed to avoid getting sick, until this last weekend.  It toyed with me too.  I felt kinda funky on Friday night, Saturday it was better and then BOOM, it hit me on Sunday and now it's a full on summer cold.  BOO!  As I sit on the couch on my computer, surrounded by half a box of tissue and a paper grocery bag filled with used snot laden tissues I started to piece together a list of why a summer cold sucks so bad.

  • 1

    Can't Call In Sick

    I know, I know, you're suppose to call in sick when you're sick so you don't give it to your co-workers.  However, in the summer due to vacations, you're working with a skeleton crew so calling in sick really isn't a viable option.

  • 2

    They're Cracking A Cold One, You're Cracking A Nyquil

    All your friends are cracking a bottle of the latest brew fresh outta the cooler, dripping with ice chunks and promising a good time.  You are cracking a new bottle of Nyquil, (because the one in the medicine cabinet is outdated) hopefully promising some sleep during the night.  (Side note:  the beer and the Nyquil actually have the same affect on me)

  • 3

    Suntan Lotion VS Vicks VapoRub

    While your friends are on Park Point basking on the sandy beach and rubbing coconut smelling suntan lotion on their bods, you're home in your sweaty pajamas rubbing  Vick VapoRub on your chest hoping it helps with your congestion.

  • 4

    Entire Neighborhood Mows While You Try To Sleep

    Because sleeping at night is nearly impossible (sometimes even after taking Nyquil, what????) you try to get your rest during the day.  However, that's the exact time that your neighbors get together and decide they'll stagger their lawn mowing duties so there is a continuous sound of a lawn mower for the next 4 hours.  FYI:  I'm sure they cringe just as much as you do when they hit sticks and rocks too.

  • 5

    Everywhere You Go It's Air Conditioned

    When you're sick with a cold, even in the summer you, you feel that "chill".  Going to any public establishment means you will freeze due to air conditioning.  You can't believe how cold they keep it and no one can believe you're cold.  Although, sick or not truth be told, I usually freeze whenever I'm in an air conditioned room.

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