Let me start this by saying that I don't really like the term "chick flick", but it is a term everyone understands so I'll go with it.  With Valentine's Day coming, one way to spend time with your sweetie is to grab a blanket and snuggle up to watch a movie.

Guys, rather than force your significant other to watch an Avengers movie or a Liam Neeson revenge flick, suggest a "chick flick".  You'll appear sensitive with the desire for her to be happy, and if you pick one of these movies you'll also fully enjoy the experience.

Notting Hill

Most women love Juila Roberts, and she can be fun in her movies.  Also, Hugh Grant is a "chick flick" hero for guys.  If you see that Hugh Grant is in one of these movies, chances are you will enjoy it (see "About A Boy" and "Music And Lyrics" for further examples).

"Notting Hill" is truly a love story, but it's filled with fun characters and real laughs.


500 Days Of Summer

This is a personal favorite movie for me in this genre.  It stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel, who I may have a crush on, and it's a great movie about the beginning, middle and end of a relationship.  It has a story that everyone can relate to on some level and both leads deliver terrific performances.  Gordon-Levitt's acting towards the end, during the park bench scene, is perfectly heartbreaking.


Want a straight up comedy?  I know guys really want to watch "Wedding Crashers", but suggest "Bridesmaids" instead on Valentine's Day.  There a lot of laughs to be had in this comedy that is aimed more towards women.  The talented ensemble cast is very funny and you'll both be laughing out loud several times together.

Friends With Benefits

Chances are, Justin Timberlake is on your girlfriend or wife's "freebie" list.  Don't tell me she doesn't have one.  Trust me, she does.  The question is are you both secure enough to share "freebie" lists with each other?  Justin Timberlake, who is at the top of my wife's "freebie" list stars in this cute and pretty funny movie.  The good news for guys is that Mila Kunis also stars and they are very good together.


"Titanic" is really two movies.  You have the the obvious story about the maiden voyage of the doomed ship.  However, director James Cameron wanted to appeal to both men and women, so he also created a love story around the sinking of the ship (spoiler alert!).  The result?  An overall great movie with history, top shelf action sequences and special effects, and a love story that guys can stomach.

Another bonus is that it is a long movie, so that means even more time to spend close to your honey muffin sweetie toes. After the movie, make sure to suggest performing the drawing scene together.



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