What could be better than finding a puppy under the tree this holiday season? It could happen!

The Humane Society of Douglas County says they are expecting about 17 puppies in just a few days. You can choose from a Lab mix, a German Shepard mix and a Dachshund.

The puppies are arriving from Texas and in need of loving homes. You can get your hands on one December 11. The Executive Director of the shelter says they will not be available immediately but you are welcome to stop by and visit with the puppies beforehand.

The Humane Society Of Douglas County helps about 1,000 animals each year in Superior and the County. They provide shelter and medical care to abandoned, lost and misplaced animals and help them find forever homes.

If you are thinking of adopting this holiday season, contact Beth Swanson. She can be reached at 715-398-6784 or hsdcswanson@gmail.com.

The Humane Society of Douglas County is located at 138 Moccasin Mike Road in Superior. 


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