The last time Duluth was featured in a sitcom, it lasted just six episodes.  That was Louie Anderson's ill-fated 'The Louie Show', which aired on CBS in 1996.  Times have changed, so perhaps 'Old Lifty', a web-based sitcom featuring Duluth, will fare much better.

The shows concept pilot will be screened at Zeitgeist Cinema in Downtown Duluth at 5:30 pm this Thursday, May 5, with a reception celebration.

According to the 'Old Lifty' Facebook page, the show is a comedy web series that chronicles the (fictional) adventures of Aerial Lift Bridge Operator Karleen Anderson, a young professional who leaves the rat race to move back to her hometown.

The show actors, creators, and film production team are all local, which is sure to give it a true hometown feel.

Aaron Brown, from the Minnesota Brown website, has seen the pilot, which runs under 15 minutes, and says that it is really designed to sell the characters and concept more than a specific plot.  The hope is that a network will love the concept and develop it for television.

It'll be a fun way to end your Thursday.  Also, in case you don't remember 'The Louie Show', check out the opening below.